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Music for Such a Time as This


Editor’s Note: Executive Producer Richard Hickam discusses the new Lifelong Worship album "Everyday Heroes,” available now. For more information on streaming and purchasing visit:

This original, honest work tells a musical story of the unique time we find ourselves living in. This four-track EP is a soul-refreshing reminder that we're better together when we bring peace, love, joy, and hope to those around us.

"Enter In" is a piano solo piece in the style of Bruce Hornsby or Jim Brickman. An inviting work that is wistful, contemplative, and slightly melancholy.

"Praise the Lord, O My Soul" is a psalm-based work that responds to our healing and renewal through God's grace. The song itself is an overt/direct declaration of praise to God. The verses are focused on praise to God that rises from a personal relationship with him: Verse 1) He redeems us, Verse 2) He heals and renews us, Verse 3) He loves us. The choruses view God on a more grand scale: He created us and all things, His law provides the framework within which all things can thrive, and He placed love, the complete essence of His law, on full display for His entire creation when He innocently laid down His own life on the cross so that we may have life. I think for me, that last part of the chorus is the kicker that ties it all together — “for the cross where we behold all the love that you bestow; praise the Lord, O my soul, praise the Lord” (Ps. 103-104).

"Everyday Heroes" is about all of us and how we are better together, utilizing peace, love, and joy to be the best we can be. It’s a song about uniting and rising up together. While this piece was initially written for AdventHealth team members, it has universal themes and a strong hook that is hard to forget.

"See You Again" is a ballad about dying, and hope in eternal heaven. This song uses imagery of walking together again one day through the garden with the Master. This song was written with the intent of being used at a memorial service.

Lifelong Worship is the music ministry of WholeLife Church in Orlando, Florida. The group is led by worship & music pastor, Richard Hickam. The senior pastor is Andy McDonald, who has been at the church for 35 years. This album was also sponsored by AdventHealth.

“Enter In” — music by Wycleff Viana.

“Praise the Lord, O My Soul” — words and music by Phillip Burks.

“Everyday Heroes” — words and music by Chad Carlson and Richard Hickam.

“See You Again” — words and music by Chad Carlson and Richard Hickam.

Album Engineer & Producer — Chad Carlson

Executive Producer — Richard Hickam


Richard Hickam, DWS, is Worship & Music Pastor at WholeLife Church and Director of Music & the Arts for AdventHealth.

Album cover image provided by the author.


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