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Monday Meditation: Heather Crews & Mike Kim


For this week’s Monday Meditation, we have sermons from Dr. Heather Crews and Pastor Mike Kim. Crews was just announced as the newest associate director of the North American Division Ministerial Team. “Dr. Crews’ focus will be providing support to the NAD’s female clergy, but she will also retain her position at the Potomac Conference where she is an associate ministerial director,” Ivan Williams, NAD ministerial director, explained.

Prior to Crews’ administrative work at the conference level, she pastored the Courthouse Road Church in Richmond, VA, where she preached this sermon in 2019: “Our Mission as a Church: Building Bridges Back to God.”

“What are we called to do?” Crews asks. “Why do we exist as a faith community? We passionately believe that having a relationship with Jesus makes all the difference in the world, and we want others to experience that relationship also. We call it ‘building bridges back to God.’ “

"Our Mission as a Church" from Courthouse Road Church on Vimeo.

And, Mike Kim, associate pastor at the Glendale City Church, shares “The Gospel of Luke: What Is the Word of God?”

The Gospel of Luke: What Is the Word of God?” from the Glendale City Church on YouTube


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Image credit: NAD Ministerial


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