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Monday Meditation: God’s People After the Worst Happens


Here is a notable recent sermon to offer some beginning-of-the-week motivation and meditation:

Loma Linda University Church has recently completed a sermon series focused on human tragedy, noting:

There are life changing events that alter the trajectory of your future completely, making everything different. As we just discovered in camp meeting, life is altered by who you marry, choice of career, following Jesus, or the birth of a child. But there are also traumatic events that change everything, like a death in the family, ending a relationship, failing classes, financial ruin, a serious illness, a natural disaster or a pandemic. Two things are true: God’s people have gone through difficulty since the beginning of time, and it’s inevitable that bad things will happen. But how did God’s people respond so long ago, and what can we learn from them? How can you move on and still live your best when life’s worst things happen?

Austin Roberts, intern pastor for Young Adult Ministries at LLUC, explores these themes in his September 25 homily, "Love—Always Love Even When It Hurts.”


Alexander Carpenter is executive editor elect of Spectrum

Title image: LLUC video frame 


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