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Linn Tonstad on Christian Vulnerabilities—Monday Meditation


A graduate of La Sierra University, Linn Tonstad is associate professor of theology, religion, and sexuality at the Yale Divinity School. She will be the featured speaker at the Society of Adventist Philosophers conference in Denver, Colorado, on November 17, 2022. The conference is focused on explorations of human nature. In 2018, Dr. Tonstad gave this talk on "Vulnerabilities, Not Vulnerability: Considering Some Differences" for the Suffering, Diminishment, and the Christian Life Conference, held at Urshaw College, Durham, United Kingdom. Organizers described the conference:

Is love intrinsically linked to suffering? Are suffering, diminishment and loss on some fundamental level good? This is the direction in which recent theological emphases on vulnerability and kenosis might seem to point. In this conference we will seek to bring the question of the status and meaning of suffering in Christian life and Christian theology into focus, and to reflect on it from the perspectives of biblical, historical, pastoral, political and systematic theology.

The conference was part of the Love and Suffering Project. "Founded in 2007, the Centre for Catholic Studies (CCS) at Durham University represents a creative partnership between academy and church: a centre within the pluralist, public academy for critically constructive Catholic studies of the highest academic standing."

Watch Tonstad's presentation below, or by clicking here.


Alexander Carpenter is executive editor of Spectrum

Title image credit: Screenshot from Durham University on YouTube

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