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Impressionistic Eschatology Meets Jesus



Wars and rumors of war

On Cheerios boxes and

Izzy pop locks is

Coated with remnants

Of Little Horn trumpets

Perilously sounding in the dark.


Cast your bread upon the water.

Make sure to make it rye.

Give your bread to one in need

And watch it fly


Past the yawning maw

Of Ostrogoths and Visigoths

And out past the wide

To the narrow paths


That lead through the brush

Plush against the river’s edge,

Into the deep. Jordan’s razor

Primed to cut you down


All around the scaly skin

Reach up and let Him in

To the tender pink

Underneath the crusted shell.


The remnant is in you.

It wiggles and smooths you

Till even your pain is folded

Past knowing: origami butterfly.


Cristina Williams has been jotting down her thoughts since she was eight years old. Just about as long, she has been kept awake at night by visions of "the end times" playing out in her head. Poetry is helping her to cope with the current state of the world and make sense of the legacy of Adventism on her soul.

Photo by Ingi Haraldss on Unsplash


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