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God Bless Moms



This day is for the special people who help to raise us all
Who clean our peanut butter off the floor and spaghetti off the wall
The ones who kiss our ouches and who help to fix our oopsies
The ones who change our diapers when we load them up with poopsies
The ones who hug away our fears and help calm our anxieties
Today is for those special people who come in all varieties

God bless the women
Whose labor gives us life
God bless those who can’t conceive
Who for years and years have tried

God bless those who adopt a child
And become moms that way
God bless those who can’t keep their babies
Who’ve had to give a child away

God bless the aunts and grandmas
Who do the work that mothers do
God bless single fathers
Who serve as mothers too

God bless those who have lost a child
Who mark this day by grieving
And God bless those who’ve lost their moms
Who mourn a parent's leaving

God bless the single mothers
Whose work is twice as much
God bless those who choose not to have kids
But who help raise children despite not being moms as such

Our heartfelt thanks to all these special people
Whose lives are love defined
God’s best blessing today on all of them
These moms of many kinds



Jared Wright is Managing Editor of

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