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It appears that significant hostility toward Roman Catholicism lurks just beneath the surface of respectability among those of us who consider ourselves to be less traditional and more progressive Seventh-day Adventists. It also seems that we easily exploit these negative feelings when we want people to do what we believe they should.


The ordination debate’s core issue is whether discrimination is ever legitimate. The only difference, in the Womens Ordination context, is that gender and not race is the target. Of all people, we people of color should have our antennas up whenever any kind of discrimination raises its ugly head, because we are often at the receiving end, and know the hurt.

The church needs to wake up to the realization that the emerging generation is not just the so-called church of the future, it is the church right now. 

We find ourselves in this situation not only because of our leaders but also because of our members. If our membership cared more about the governance of the church, would we find ourselves in the same place?

On this website church historian George Knight published, some two weeks ago,

How much does the present articulation of Adventist eschatology impact the way we understand and organize our church? Our church organization doesn’t emerge in an ideological vacuum but rather in the theological milieu made of our most deep and intimate eschatological convictions.

Dear GC Executive Committee:

I have recently been reading a document you published this past July, “Regard for and Practice of General Conference Session and General Conference Executive Committee Actions.”1 In this paper, steps are outlined for identifying and disciplining church entities deemed out of compliance with the church’s doctrines and policies. The first page opens with a quotation from Ephesians 4:3: “Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.”

There are changes happening in our church. Changes that are subtle and leading in a worrying direction.

At the last General Conference Session in San Antonio our church went through a process (considered by many as flawed) that resulted in the decision not to allow Divisions to ordain women in their territories where deemed appropriate. However, what has happened since should cause us to pause and ask the question, “Where is our church headed?”

I was standing there in the hallway crying and he just watched me cry.

Editor’s Note: This editorial appeared in the most recent print issue of Spectrum (volume 46, issue 2), several weeks before Bonnie Dwyer's article on General Conference "compliance review committees" appeared on this website. But it bears directly on the topic and on the discussion that has ensued.