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Christ as our Sabbath rest keeps us from becoming legalistic and judgmental of others’ Sabbath keeping. We rest in Jesus for our own witness.

For many, the constant rhetoric is exhausting, saddening, and spirit-breaking. Instead of listening to a man with an inherited net worth of $3.1 billion tell you how to treat a poor family coming to America, let us listen to our conscience. Let us speak to these people one-on-one and hear from them.

Bible Study

When we make a commitment to a given set of truths, we should do so knowing that such affirmations are tentative. Regardless of how fundamental we consider our truths today, the experiences we encounter tomorrow could render them obsolete. Change comes because we learn new things about “settled” positions which then necessitate correction.

The Bible is, in fact, shouting the truth at us if we will stop debating individual trees long enough to step back, gaze in wonder at the forest, and hear.

Reading revitalized me. Writing became my entire life. Through the pursuit of things that had variety and quality I gained a happiness I thought would perpetually evade me. 

Mervi Kalmus, a pastor in Estonia, opens her heart and steps out of her comfort zone, to make a difference in the lives of her friends.

Amos Oz

Israeli author Amos Oz offers Adventists, through the mediation of literature and narrative, the opportunity to reflect about ourselves. He reminds us that no life, individual or community, is static. A successful past or a present happy experience is never the final word.

It is said that “home is where the heart is,” but I think that sometimes home isn’t welcoming to the heart. Sometimes, a heart can get scuffed up trying to keep it in a home, like a square peg being forced into a circular hole.

A new calendar year has launched itself into orbit. I contemplate the last twelve months and prepare to engage in a final, somewhat unsettling seasonal activity: the evaluation of the New Year’s resolutions.


Christ left disciples, not departments. And it is possible to neglect the organic elements of community in favor of a hollow facsimile of communion by policy edict. So just how do we reinstitute a culture of true communion that reaches across continents and languages? It occurs one group at a time, one congregation at a time, with iindividual members intentionally choosing to look each other in the eyes.