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Watch "That's Roy: Continuing the Conversation," a documentary about the life of Roy Branson, founder and long-time editor of Spectrum magazine.

Jesus didn’t manipulate people to have them follow him. He loved — no strings attached. He saw the future, and still chose to act in the present. He consciously “wasted” precious time and miracles on people who would ultimately reject him.

The experiences that we have and the people we meet may seem random, but there is reason to believe that the paths we cross with others can be seen, in time, as part of a larger pattern.

When I was a child, I knew God. I knew who he loved; I knew who he didn’t love. I knew who he was and who he wasn’t. There was nothing mysterious, nothing unknowable about God. I knew Him, and I knew what he expected of me, with a peculiar certainty. And this certainty is what caused my faith to crumble.

On September 11, 2018, the eighth annual 9/11 Table of Silence Project Memorial Tribute took place on the Josie Robertson Plaza, Lincoln Center in New York City. Over 150 dancers participated in the performance this year.

“Yet the quality of a religious system depends perhaps less on its specific doctrine, than on the choice of problems that it regards as important, the areas of human experience to which it directs attention.” —Peter Brown, Augustine of Hippo

The current intense discussions of unity and conformity within the Seventh-day Adventist Church are traceable to its very roots, and are an inevitable by-product of its history and evolution. It can be considered the great-great-great-grandchild of religious movements peopled by individuals who rejected the established orthodoxy of their various times; especially the right of elect church leaders and religious specialists to determine what one could or could not believe.

This is the sixth post of Spectrum’s 2018 Summer Reading Group. Each post will be drawn from chapters of the book Stand out of our Light by James Williams.

The most provocative of all realities is that reality of which we never lose sight but never see solely as it is.” Wallace Stevens, Collected Poetry and Prose.

We do not have to discover the world of faith; we only have to recover it. It is not a terra incognita,an unknown land; it is a forgotten land, and our relation to God is a palimpsest rather than a tabula rasa.There is no one who has no faith.