• 03/02/2007

    By Alexander Carpenter Over here I've been conversing about the issues of evolution and good Clifford Goldstein tossed in this: "True evoutionists mock those Christians who somehow think that...

  • 03/01/2007

    By Alexander Carpenter (photo of Sligo church) News Channel 9, Chattanooga, TN: Kennett Sinclair said "as a child. . .I felt they had some very unfair practices. In work and safety." Sinclair...

  • 02/28/2007

    By Nathan Brown Figures from the US show 4 in 10 of babies born last year were born “out of wedlock.” The additional interesting dynamic to this is that teen motherhood is at the lowest levels for...

  • 02/26/2007

    By Alexander Carpenter I want to hat tip perpetualstudent where I found another of these excellent discussions by scientists on the methods and controversy between creationisms and the theory of...