• 03/07/2007

    By Alexander Carpenter Lately the Spectrum Blog discussion over evolution and other things has turned to questions over hermeneutics. It strikes me as dangerous that some can alembicate the issue...

  • 03/06/2007

    By Alexander Carpenter In late January the Spectrum Blog hosted a contest in celebration for our 1000th comment (we're over 1700 so another contest is comin' up). Several people wrote in about...

  • 03/05/2007

    By Alexander Carpenter Here's Christian Iraqi-American rapper TIMZ with a video that has stirred some controversy among a few people who don't understand the difference between Chaldeans and...

  • 03/03/2007

    By Tim Dunston Type the words "present truth" into your browser.  Hit the search button. What do you find? Nothing particularly stimulating.  I certainly didn't find what I expected. It took me...