• 05/02/2007

    By Alexander Carpenter                            Join host Dennis Wholey for a look at the beliefs and practices of Seventh-day Adventists through a conversation with Elder Roscoe Howard and a...

  • 05/01/2007

    By Alexander Carpenter (BTW, this is the Spectrum Blog's 300th post since we launched on June 8. As of the moment I'm posting this we have 2824. . .now 2826 comments.) Watch Bill Moyers of PBS and...

  • 04/30/2007

    By Sharon Fujimoto-Johnson This summer, why not delve into an exploration of art and spirituality at one of these conferences or workshops? The Glen Workshop"God of the Desert: Judaism,...

  • 04/27/2007

    By Alexander Carpenter Commenting on this week's Sabbath School Lesson, Charles Scriven continues the conversation over biblical authority with seminary professors, Roy Gane and Richard Davidson....