• 05/10/2007

    By Alexander Carpenter We just got our 3000th comment on the Spectrum Blog. Thanks Glenn! He wrote: I agree with Dr. Tom about the role of the sermon in our churches. It seems to either be given...

  • 05/09/2007

    Guest essay by Elaine Nelson The Gospel Commission commands all Christian believers to go and make disciples and baptize them. When this was written there were only two classes of people:  pagans...

  • 05/08/2007

    by Johnny A. Ramírez part 1   part 2 Drinking on campus is a big issue in all schools.  The video mentions a seminar on drinking given to incoming students at secular colleges. What do you think...

  • 05/06/2007

    By Alexander Carpenter I think church and state collapsed a bit in this video that is tagged Indiana Conference. That sure is a lot of flag waving and a certain political leader. Apparently it was...