• 05/23/2007

    By Alexander Carpenter Several discussions erupted over at Johnny's Justice post. Let's let ethics stay there and open up a discussion below about improving Sabbath School. Cliff, what exactly is...

  • 05/20/2007

    By Alexander Carpenter Whether or not one believes that humans affect the climate, or our water, or that energy should be renewable, here's a way that congregations can at least save money. And...

  • 05/18/2007

    By Alexander Carpenter Here are the winners of the Spectrum Blog 3000th comment celebratory essay contest. These replies are in answer to the question: If an Adventist were running for the US...

  • 05/17/2007

    By Alexander Carpenter You might want to check out this Adventist News Network story on the Liberty, International Religious Liberty Association, North American Religious Liberty Association...