• 08/27/2006

    By Sharon Fujimoto-Johnson   The current issue of College and University Dialogue features an interview with Adventist artist Elfred Lee. Born in Seoul, Korea, to missionary parents, Lee became...

  • 08/26/2006

    If the name "Seventh-day Adventism" doesn't stand for peace and social justice, I don't know what does. The promise of peace in Sabbath and the coming of Godly justice - by putting their beliefs...

  • 08/25/2006

    Law student locus standi notes that Pathfinders looks like military training. Adventist Pulpit writes on Be-Bop Jazz Preaching. Sounds good to me! Monte Sahlin channels E. E. Cleveland and points...

  • 08/24/2006

    By Alexander Carpenter The Adventist blogosphere has raised some questions about the Danny and Linda Shelton divorce and Adventist Today's coverage. Perpetual Student points out, "Now I don't...