• 11/27/2006

    By Brian Swarts Good art is, by nature, prophetic – it unveils truths about our world around us, by bringing us face-to-face with realities we normally let pass unnoticed or purposefully choose...

  • 11/22/2006

    By Alexander Carpenter All too often folks worry that independent Adventist media exists only in the negative. I once sat next to a Union Conference communication chief who responded to my...

  • 11/20/2006

    By Alexander Carpenter As I pointed out a few days ago, our church leaders have not officially spoken out on Darfur. But who then is our neighbor?  Here is a very significant list of key leaders...

  • 11/19/2006

    By Alexander Carpenter Loyal reader and hip organizer Brian Swarts - who contributes rather than complains - pointed me to these sharp Christians. They now reside in my netvibes reader.   _uacct...