• 03/23/2007

    By Julie Smith Why do we fear the ordination of women so much?  Fear is the only reason I can begin to think of that would keep us from recognizing the need for both men and women in spiritual...

  • 03/22/2007

    The mendacity and criminality of the U.S. war on Vietnam are matters of historical record, yet easily forgotten is the role that so-called objective, balanced, and responsible language played to...

  • 03/21/2007

    By Alexander Carpenter Two years ago, the Association of Adventist Forums hosted professor Philip Jenkins at our annual conference. A polymath with an entertaining style, the conversations with...

  • 03/20/2007

    By Alexander Carpenter I really enjoyed Stephen Prothero's American Jesus. Now he's back with another good book, Religious Literacy, in which he provides information and context for religious...



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