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  • 06/19/2006

    How does contemporary art address the idea of spirituality? In the first season of the PBS series, "Art in the 21st Century," one program was dedicated to exploring this question through the work...

  • 06/15/2006

    "Nothing in the world is quite like growing up a Seventh-day Adventist and then discovering you are gay. We have always been taught that Christianity and being gay don't go together. This dilemma...

  • 06/13/2006

    Regarding the National Religious Campaign Against Torture, Adventist Pulpit writes: "At a time when many are pushing for a more prominent public display of the 10 commandments I think it is...

  • 06/12/2006

    Given these official, voted statements by the Seventh-day Adventist church: A Statement on Tolerance Religious Minorities and Religious Freedom: A Statement of Commitment and Concern On Being...