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Victor Hulbert

New Coloring Book for Adults Helps Spiritual Creativity

Do you ever find yourself doodling around the edges of your meeting notes? Perhaps you even find your accidental art work helps you concentrate. That is the rationale behind a coloring book for adults released by the Women’s Ministries department of the Trans-European Division (TED) of Seventh-day Adventists.

Based around a set of 14 lessons entitled, “Women in the Bible and me,” the coloring books help spark creativity while studying God’s Word. 

Reformation Journey Part 7: Found in Translation

What is the common thread of the Reformation? In Reformation Journey, Victor Hulbert and Dejan Stojković have learned about massacres and burnings of so called “heretics,” where safety one day may be death the next. Alongside all the other brave actions of men and women of faith, their politics have played a strong part. Yet somehow, in every episode, the Bible has also featured strongly.

Trans-European Division Year-End Meetings Focus on Retention, Unity, and Mission

Eglė Miliūnienė is passionate about her faith. After twelve years overseas she has just returned to her home country of Lithuania with her husband and three children. Their purpose? To be a witness within their own community. Her husband, Robertas, is volunteering as a Bible worker while she teaches music, using it as a tool for sharing Jesus. Recently elected to the Lithuanian Conference Executive committee she is also one of 12 lay-representatives from across the Trans-European Division to sit on the TED Executive committee.

Reformation Journey Part 6: No Easy Choice

It’s easy to go with the flow, to be surrounded by people who all think the same, and to believe the same things as everyone else. It takes less effort. Why be the salmon swimming upstream, when it’s easier to be the twig floating down? Once, people were born, lived, and died under a belief system that told them what to think and how to think it. It told them what to do, and how to behave. It created a social and cultural environment in which everyone knew what was going on.

Reformation Journey Part 5: Celebrating 500 Years of Reformation

It supposedly happened 500 years ago today! Martin Luther, a professor at Wittenberg University nailed an academic discussion to the door of the Castle-church in Wittenberg, generating a discussion that led to the Protestant Reformation.


Reformation Journey Part 4: Dying to Ask Questions

Is your faith worth dying for? In theory we often say yes. After all, Jesus died on a cross for us, and none of the apostles died a natural death. Yet would we, really? Maybe sometimes we just feel that we are simply dying in church!


Trans-European Division President Speaks at European Parliament Reformation Celebration

What is the legacy of the Reformation for Europe in the 21st century? For Raafat Kamal, President of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Trans-European Division, his answer is simple: it is a legacy that must not end.

Together with mainly Lutheran theologians, pastors, MEPs (Members of the European Parliament), and church historians, Kamal was invited to present at the European Parliament Celebratory event on Tuesday, October 17, at the Parliament building in Brussels, Belgium.

Reformation Journey Part 2: A Rebel Restored

Something has changed in Rome! After 500 years of Reformation and a history where there was no love lost between Luther and the City of Rome, a small square near the Coliseum is now named in his honor.

In part two of Reformation Journey, Dejan Stojković and Victor Hulbert hit the tourist trail in Rome to discover the remarkable tale of how the memory of a man seen as a heretic in one part of town is now honored with a small plaque on a main tourist route. How did it happen? More importantly, is faith still alive in a city that thrives on tourism and pilgrimage?

Trans-European Division Leadership Appointments Focus On Training and Mentoring

The appointment of three new members to the Trans-European Division leadership team is part of a key strategy to develop and enhance the skills of ministers, elders, members, and administrators across the Division. Simon Martin and Nikolaus Satelmajer will serve as Discipleship Coaches while Mack Tennyson will take a lead role in training and enhancing treasury staff skills at the Union and Conference levels.

The Vision: New Docu-Drama Series on Beginnings of Church in Europe

European Adventists Pilot a Video Series on the Beginning of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Europe.

Understanding our roots inspires our future! That is the impetus behind “The Vision,” a docu-drama piloted at the Global Adventist internet Network (GAiN) meetings, August 9, 2017 in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

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