• 07/03/2007

    by Alexander Carpenter The third of 28 posts, today's fundamental belief is "The remnant and its mission".  Our own Johnny A. Ramirez explores contemporary Adventist discussions on the remnant...

  • 07/02/2007

    By Alexander Carpenter Here's Michael Moore on his new film SiCKO.  But wait, health care is our baby -- from Ellen White's Ministry of Healing, Loma Linda University, our network of hospitals...

  • 06/30/2007

    Over on the main Spectrum site, Pastor James Coffin writes: The other day, my wife, Leonie, tried on some clothing she’d just bought, inviting my appraisal. I said she looked "fine...

  • 06/29/2007

    By Alexander Carpenter Greetings good readers. Dawn it just breaking this Sabbath morning, lighting up the white-striped English cottage across the road from my room at Newbold College. I've been...