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Marcos Torres

What Drives Me Crazy about Adventist Churches

I would like to share my greatest frustration about Adventist churches. I am not speaking simply as a pastor but as a lifelong Adventist. And while there are lots of areas in which our churches could improve, here is my personal Number One.

Adventist Churches are "All Talk"

OK, definitely not all of them. But many of them. And here is what I mean:

Are We Getting in the Way of God's Salvation Story?

Have you ever been so angry that you did something dumb? I got so angry once that I punched the steering wheel on my car and broke the horn. From that day on the horn would honk on its own whenever it wanted to. It didn't matter if I was at a stop light, in a parking lot, or driving down the university campus on a calm Sunday morning. The car would honk and honk and honk until I got so fed up I pulled the fuse and was left utterly hornless. The car died soon after, so no, I never got it fixed.

Adventist Culture Wars: The Conspiracy Theorists

Preaching is fun, but meeting the folks afterward – not always so fun. Most of the time my face starts to hurt from the fake smile plastered on it until all 100+ people exit the church. But nothing makes a preacher dread meeting-time more than “the guy.” Yep, if you are a preacher, you know “the guy.” He is in every church.

The One Project: Danger or Blessing?

A few weeks ago I (Marcos) had the opportunity to attend a One Project gathering here in Perth, Western Australia, along with pastor and friend Nathaniel Tan. We were both excited to be at the One Project for various reasons. 

Adventist Culture Wars: Hold the Applause?

Adventist Culture Wars is a repeating Spectrum series written by Marcos Torres. Click here to read the first installment. 

Adventist Culture Wars: The Beauty of Diversity

Years ago, I was riding in the back seat of a mini-van with a friend of mine as his aunt and some other ladies argued about a Bible verse in the book of Revelation. The argument got so intense that my friend leaned over and said to me, "You see? This is why I don't go to church." On one hand, my friend had a good point: There is lots of dumb stuff in church.

Overcoming the LGT Formula

I love the gospel. There is so much power and beauty in it — it is the one biblical theme I never get tired of.

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