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Lynden Williams

Climate Change and Christianity

I read a recent comment on the Spectrum website from a frequent commenter that I found puzzling:

"I wonder how many Adventists are at a point where they can vote for unlimited abortion, the complete destruction of the family as we know it, or a permanent ban on harvesting natural resources in order to save a rare owl or frog.”

I have no intention of touching on abortion of family destruction at this time, but the thought that Adventists would take a pro-position on denying climate change disturbs me.

Chico, Evangelical Christians, and the So-called "Sin" of Homosexuality

I see a troubling trend in the Evangelical Christian community that I would like to address. What much of Evangelical Christianity focuses on and what members are willing to overlook does not seem in any way reflective of the character of Christ. Evangelicals seem to focus on two offenses to the exclusion of anything else: participation in an abortion or committing homosexual acts. The message seems to be that if any segment of society involves itself in either of these activities, God’s punishment will be exacted on all of society as a result. Condoning is tantamount to participation.

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