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Leslie Foster

Remembering Not Only Great Disappointment, But Also Great Failure

I had a dream last night, a dream of General Conference Sessions past and future. I stood in the center of a stadium, packed with people, all captivated by the music and stagecraft in front of them. I looked around and felt a sadness that kept growing inside of me until it was overwhelming.

Intersectional Righteousness and the Hollywood Church

When I read Melody George’s recent Spectrum piece, I was challenged to dig into my memories and beliefs and if you don’t mind, I’d like to share my musings here. My experience at the Hollywood Church varied from Melody’s and I’d like to offer my counterpoint.


In 2011, Beck's decided to commission a large number of "independent thinkers" from a variety of artistic disciplines. Each artist is asked to create interactive pieces, which are then displayed within or on large green cubes scattered throughout cities around the world. Passerby's can fully experience the art with the aid of a mobile app. Wired magazine calls it "the world’s first global networked augmented reality gallery." This week's films are profiles of three of the artists selected.

1. Reed + Rader


This week's films explore the wonderfully strange world of experimental film and performance art. Both can be hard for most viewers to access and like poetry, can seem quite confusing. However, both forms can be powerful and provocative methods with which to explore an issue. The films span from elegant and minimalistic to performances that might leave you frustrated and scratching your head. I've also included my recent piece Mother Godde, which was created as part of an installation art piece for an art show in downtown Los Angeles last month.


Two of this week's films come from the TED archive, the most recent, Amanda Palmer's "The Art of Asking" is the most recent; she spoke at this year's TED just this last Wednesday. Each video offers a new way of viewing giving, gratitude, and vulnerability; each speaker presenting ideas of how to be in Western society while simultaneously challenging some of our society's deeply held precepts. It's certainly excellent food for thought for Christians as we continue to wrestle with how to be in but not of this world.

1. Charles Eisenstein: The More You Give, the Richer You Are

2.The Art of Asking


This week's short films span a wide range of themes, from the lives of the Inuits of Greenland to an installation piece by Ann Hamilton; but they all have a similar gentleness and atmospheric quality to them. I hope they provide moments of thoughtfulness and inspiration in our often hectic days.

1. Return of the Sun

2. The Passage: Promo Teaser


I'll admit that this week's collection of short films has no particular theme other than the fact that they all debuted quite recently and that they are all deeply inspiring - and what better way is there to start a year than with beauty, art, and stories of people behaving like Jesus?

1. Moonwalk


This week's selection of videos is a slightly random one, featuring, perhaps appropriately for the Christmas season, projects that provoke moments of thought, little smiles (thanks to the ever-inspiring Richard Feynman), and a remembrance for those working to make the world a better place. 

1. Tohoku 2.0

2. Ode to a Flower


With the number of Adventist film and animation programs growing quickly, it seems like a good time to share projects by students and alumni of our institutions.

1) Nom Com by Stanley Pomwianowski (Florida Hospital Church).


This week's films are a selection of short documentaries, which capture a range of experiences, from a news crew stranded during the first 36 hours of Hurricane Sandy to the more atmospheric, silent documentation of a honey harvest. I'm including one of the odder (but amusing) videos I've seen recently as a bonus. I hope you enjoy!

1. The First 36 Hours

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