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Leroy Sykes

The GC Says “Uplift Jesus.” Say What?

Planet Earth is laced with all kinds of electronic signals. Can you imagine what someone might think about our society by listening to the audio traffic that floats across our airwaves?

“Good evening, we have a lot to get to—. More indictments and guilty pleas coming down today from the Robert Mueller investigation and another school shooting—. Good evening, I’m Chris Matthews, —let’s play hardball—.”

“Bravo 34, respond to a 10-32 at 1236 Becklin Avenue—. Shots fired. Sierra 14, respond with Bravo 34.”

Loving All the Wrong People: An Exercise in Faith

If you read your Bible carefully and attend the right church for a few years, you just might be in danger of thinking you are right. If you attend Revelation Seminars and carefully consider all the hidden nuances of all those beasts, then you might be precipitously close to imagining yourself to be right. If you sit on a conference committee or you are a member of a local church board, then you might very well be flirting with the edges of claiming to be correct.

America's Soul: The Battle for Religious Freedom

While Seventh-day Adventists are busy debating who gets baptized, who gets ordained, who gets to speak at meetings, and who gets to teach in our colleges, the rest of Christianity battles for the very soul of America. The courts and the legislatures at every township, city, state, and federal level are passing laws and instituting regulations that in large manner will define how governmental authority impacts freedom and religious diversity.

An Alt-Christianity: Nascar Christianity

Probably the most popular driver in NASCAR history is Dale Earnhardt. He traded paint with other cars in an effort to get to the front and was known for disrupting what might otherwise be a predictable outcome. Earnhardt sometimes used a time-honored technique of "bump and run” to catapult his car to the checkered flag. His fans could not get enough of his unconventional style and sheer determination to win. On the backstretch of what would be his last race, he lost control and hit the wall.

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