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Jonathan Pichot

Sunsetting MySpectrum

We are shutting down the MySpectrum login tool. All Spectrum Conversation users will need to reset their passwords. Not to worry! It's easy, and all your information will be preserved.

Conversation Upgrade!

Spectrum Conversation, our new commenting platform, has become so popular, bringing in a significant amount of traffic, that we already need to upgrade our servers. You may have already encountered moments when you haven't been able to post, or that the page loads blank, or that you don't see the comment below an article. To address this, we're going to take the commenting platform down a few times this week to upgrade our servers and eventually migrate to a more managed and long-term hosting solution. Thanks for your patience on this!

How to use Spectrum Conversation

We've launched a new way to comment on Spectrum. It's built on top of an open-source forum software called Discourse. You can read more about how to get started in the articles linked below:

How to Discourse: Taking Part in Discussions

Once you’ve created an account, you can engage in conversation several ways.
First, you’ll find a link to the conversation at the bottom of every article. It’ll feature the first few comments, and give you links to join in if you wish.

How to Discourse: Signing Up

To get started with Spectrum Conversation, you first need a MySpectrum account. This is very easy to do. 

Navigate to Spectrum Conversation. You’ll see a blue button that says ‘Log In’. Click it.

Empieza la transición al nuevo sistema de conversación

Se ha visto que las comunidades en línea saludables son aquellas que hablan de sí mismas. Si usted no ha visto nuestro reciente anuncio sobre el futuro de las conversaciones en SPECTRUM, por favor lea esto primero. Cuando usted se inscriba en Spectrum conversation, lo que encontrará al principio será una colección de preguntas en la categoría 'Meta'.

How to be Meta

It’s been found that healthy online communities are communities that talk about themselves. If you haven’t seen our recent announcement about the future of Spectrum commenting, please read this first. When you sign up for Spectrum Conversation, what you’ll find at first will be a collection of questions under the category ‘Meta’.

SPECTRUM-CAFÉ HISPANO adopta un nuevo sistema de conversación

En SPECTRUM, analizamos regularmente cómo cumplir de la mejor manera nuestra misión de hacer comunidad a través de la conversación. Hace dos años, nos cambiamos a una nueva plataforma de comentarios llamada Disqus. Ayudó a estabilizar el rendimiento de nuestro sitio, permitió a más personas participar con nuestro contenido identificándose con Facebook y Twitter, y nos ayudó a seguir con la tradición de ofrecer un espacio para el debate y la buena conversación.

The Future of Spectrum is Discourse

At Spectrum, we are always discussing ways of better achieving our mission of building community through conversation. Two years ago, we switched to a new commenting platform named DISQUS. It helped stabilize our site’s performance, allowed more people to engage with our content by signing up with Facebook and Twitter, and continued our tradition of vibrant debate and conversation.

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