Articles by Jason Hines

  • Try

    In the wake of several mass shootings in the last two weeks, the time for flowery and sophisticated rhetoric is over. The church at any level (local, conference, union, etc.) should be willing to...

  • 04/28/2022

    I’m nowhere near where I want to be with God and we’ve been wrestling for a long time. I thank him that he is still patient with me. How can I deny that time and patience to someone else?

  • 03/24/2022

    The very nature of Christianity is that we are progressing, trying to perfect being a disciple of Christ. How can that be accomplished if you’re not willing to move from what you know to what you...

  • 02/24/2022

    A vision of justice prepares us to live lives of mercy and kindness. When we realize that an individual is not the sole cause of their place in life or their bad decisions, it becomes easier for...