Articles by Jason Hines

  • 05/25/2023

    I want to be in a church that calls people to do and be better, but does not see shame as the primary instrument of that change. My hope is that Christianity now overcomes its myopia and...

  • 04/27/2023

    The unwillingness (or inability) to defend the truth on its own merits harms the truth and harms our community. It sows doubt and people begin to wonder why we refuse to defend our position.

  • 03/23/2023

    We need to be willing to speak the truth, truthfully. Not just about who God is but about who we are, who we have been, and how we are using Christ as our history and example so that we can be...

  • 02/23/2023

    Black History Month provides us the important opportunity to reflect on our greatest national sin—racism. But we cannot be lulled into complacency simply because it is not as bad as it used be....