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  • July 7

    Adventist Pulpit, run by blogger and Vanderbilt M.Div student Sherman Cox II has a little poll going on at his site: What is Your Favorite Adventist Journal?
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  • July 6

    By: Alexander Carpenter
    After you've seen An Inconvenient Truth...

  • July 5

    Christianity Today editor David Neff, in his review of the film says An Inconvenient Truth "engages its audience with its moral seriousness and its avuncular and folksy style. . .He [Gore] wants action now-and he's right about that."
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  • July 4

    Pastor Samir Selmanovic writes:
    "Mark suggested to his wife, Jean, that they visit an Adventist church. 'I'd like you to see the kind of a church I grew up in,' he told her. 'It'll be fun, like entering a time warp, like a walk through a museum!'"

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