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Herbert E. Douglass

Equiping for Witnessing

I have lived long enough to be amazed at how many ways and kinds of people God uses in this grand work of inviting/welcoming others into His living kingdom.

Let's begin with the Douglass family in Springfield, Massachusetts, back in the late 1930s. At that time I had three brothers and we lived upstairs in what we called a tenement (today, of course, it was a condo!). My Dad had just bought a 1933 Dodge that was quite a treat for us all, including the neighborhood kids.


(Traducido por Carlos Enrique Espinosa)

 El título del estudio de esta semana me parece algo interesante: Jesús nunca usó el término "justificación" y la Biblia nunca usa el término "justificación por la fe sola".

Justification By Faith


I find the title for this week’s study somewhat interesting: Jesus never used the term “justification” and the Bible never used the term “justification by faith alone.”

But Jesus surely spoke plainly about how sinners become right with Him. How many times does Jesus emphasize: “If you obey my teaching, you are really my disciples; you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. . . . I am telling you the truth: everyone who sins is a slave of sin. If the Son sets you free, then you will be really free” (John 8:31, 34-36, GNB)

“Crisis en la adoración”


(Traducido por Carlos Enrique Espinosa)

La mayoría de los grupos de cualquier tipo adoran o han adorado a "Dios" de alguna manera.  En declaraciones a los israelitas, después de describir el tipo de adoración por el que las naciones de Palestina eran conocidas, Moisés amonesta al "pueblo elegido": “¡No adoraréis al Señor vuestro Dios de esa manera!” 

Crisis in Worship


Most every group of whatever kind has worshipped and is worshipping “God” in some fashion.  Speaking to the Israelites, after describing the kind of worship that the nations of Palestine were known for, Moses admonishes the “chosen people”:  “You shall not worship the Lord your God in that way!”

I am sure that God feels the same way today!    No need to catalogue all the various forms of worship services, just in the United States. Or perhaps even compare the various forms of worship in Adventist churches every Sabbath, as some say!

“¿Cuál es el riesgo?”


(Traducido por Carlos Enrique Espinosa)

La Guía de Estudio de la Biblia para adultos, de la Escuela Sabática, nos ha dado una galaxia a contemplar, no sólo una estrella –y todo centrado en la obra mediadora de nuestro Señor como el Dador de la Gracia.

What's the Risk?

The Adult SS Guide has given us a galaxy to contemplate, not only one star—all focusing on our Lord’s mediatorial work as the Grace Giver.

This week we look again at that sad, distraught victim of womanhood who had tried everything that medicine had suggested for at least 12 years. She had been living with that dread word, “incurable.” She had heard and seen the many who praised this remarkable Galilean who had been doing wonders for others, and the wild thought came to her: “Is there any hope for me?”

“Jesús sufrió todo para que podamos soportar todo”


(Traducido por Carlos Enrique Espinosa)

Hay algo acerca de ser cristiano que me llama la atención todos los días, especialmente esta semana.  Estoy diciendo al mundo que estoy asociado con Jesucristo, que es mi Modelo, Ejemplo, Salvador, Sumo Sacerdote, y Dador de vida próximo a venir. 

Por supuesto, también importa si es un amigo a distancia o un compañero siempre presente.  Y también es importante si Él es mi constante proveedor de energía, esperanza y alegría, mi socio en cada momento del día y la noche. 

Jesus Felt It All So That We Can Bear it All


Something about being a CHRISTian gets my attention every day, especially this week.  I am telling the world that I am Partnering with Jesus Christ who is my Pattern, Example, Savior, High Priest, and Coming LifeGiver.

Of course it also matters if He is a Distant Friend or an Ever-present Companion. And it also matters if He is my Constant Supplier of energy, hope, and joy—my Partner every moment of the day and night.

How does this all work?

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