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Herbert E. Douglass

God Speaks Through Prophets

This week's commentary is taken from Chapter 2 of the late Herb Douglass' book Messenger of the Lord: The Prophetic Ministry of Ellen G. White.

The full text of this chapter can be found here, on the website of the White Estate.

Living Like Jesus

When I saw this week’s title, I instantly saw life’s front-page issue: Living Like Jesus vs Living like Lucifer!

Christ and the Law

For many years, there was never a problem in comparing Christ and the Law—one was a reflection of the other. Careful Adventists would say no one can present the law without the gospel, or the gospel without the law, especially when one understands the Great Controversy theme and what God wants to achieve in His plan of salvation.

Confession and Repentance

 I can't remember when I have seen a Sabbath School lesson on confession and repentance! And that forces me to recognize further that many Adventists (along with Christians generally) believe that, experientially, these two terms are synonymous!

This has happened for several reasons: 1) Belief that we are born sinners (forgetting that sin is a choice); 2) Belief that overcoming sin is thus impossible; 3) Belief that confession is obviously a social necessity but that our Lord's death on the Cross erased our guilt which we are “confessing.”

Right Questions Lead to Faith

We all wish we knew more about Habakkuk. He tells us nothing about his background; he simply announcesthat he is a prophet with only three short chapters!  Why were these few words recorded for all the world to read for more than 2500+ years?

“Jesús es más que un proveedor”

Vivimos en un mundo muy diferente al de hace unos sesenta años.  La visión general del mundo y de la cultura identifica a la razón con el naturalismo, y a la fe con los sentimientos, ¡y nunca los dos se deben encontrar!  Esta gran brecha se encuentra en todas las iglesias, así como en casi todas las instituciones académicas.

Jesus is More than a Provider

We live in a world today much different than even sixty years ago. The general world view and culture identifies reason with naturalism and faith with feelings—and never the twain should meet! And this great divide is in all churches as in virtually all academic institutions.

“El conflicto de los siglos”


Stephen Hawkins, el notable matemático y cosmólogo de Cambridge University escribió en su libro de 1988, Una Breve Historia del Tiempo (p. 193) que si los científicos descubrieran la tan buscada "teoría del todo" para explicar los distintos mecanismos del universo, "realmente conoceríamos la mente de Dios".

The Great Controversy

Stephen Hawkins, that remarkable Cambridge University mathematician and cosmologist wrote in his 1988 book, A Brief History of Time, (193), that were scientists to discover the long-sought “theory of everything” to explain the varying mechanisms of the universe, “we would truly know the mind of God.”

"As a Thief in the Night"

Again we are grateful for Dr. Paulien's crisp, literary pen as he digs out the salient features of Paul's remarkable letters to the Thessalonians. He rights with one eye on Paul and the other on us today--we who must understand Paul through twenty-first century eyes.

Even these eleven verses in 1 Thess. 5 give us plenty to thank Paul for, and plenty to digest and adjust our thinking to.

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