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Eddy Johnson

The Central Character in the Nativity Story

Christmas is fast approaching, and many churches, ours and others, are busy preparing their annual Christmas pageant. Whether the show is a grandiose one with live characters or a simple one with a toy manger and dressed up dolls, the person in importance next to Jesus is Mary. Joseph stands somewhere in the background and looks benignly down at the infant. The accompanying reading for the Christmas pageant is always taken from Luke’s detailed account of the birth story in which one significant mention is made of Joseph.

Saved to Serve: A Reflection on Communion

This is the third article in a three-part series.

Living God’s Will: It Starts with Baptism

The first article in this series of three suggested that the life of a disciple should be the true reflection of God’s character, as made visible in Jesus. The present article focuses on baptism as the actual beginning of the disciple’s journey. The final article will be about communion.

Jeremiah’s Yoke: His and Ours

“The narrative of redemption is the most beautiful and the longest love story ever told. But it is not a sugar sweet story. It is a dramatic story because it is the story of God’s love, passionate, jealous, as strong as death itself; a fragile love, versatile and subjected to all the infidelities of man.” (Bernard Sesboue, Dean of Theology at the Catholic Sèvre Centre, France)

A Reflection on the Same-Sex Marriage Debate in Australia

The quarrel over same-sex marriage has been raging for quite a while in Australia with no end in sight. A government decision one way or the other will not bring the discussion to a close. What is taking place is much more an ongoing, highly emotional exchange of arguments pitting people against each other.

Patriotism: A Blessing or a Curse? A Biblical Perspective

“You take a bunch of people who don’t seem any different from you and me, you add them all together you get this sort of huge raving maniac with a national border and an anthem.” –Terry Prachett

The Church, like Israel, has Fallen into Idolatry

"You shall have no other god besides me” (Exodus 20:3).

“The battle is not between faith and unbelief but between faith and idolatry” (Kierkegard).

The focus of this article is neither idolatry in terms of how it was experienced and practiced in biblical times (and to some extent even today in religious systems like Hinduism), nor is the focus on money, popularity, fame, entertainment, pornography, etc. which Christians often define as modern forms of idolatry.

The Closing of the Adventist Mind Revisited, and Confirmed

In 2011 I wrote an article entitled “The Closing of the Adventist Mind” (title borrowed from Professor Allan Bloom’s book and adapted) that Spectrum published.

Does the Timing of Creation Really Matter?

I would like to propose a different interpretation of Genesis 1 and 2, which removes the problems linked to a "6,000-year-old earth" dating of the creation as outlined in the Fundamental Beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Many would argue, maybe rightly, that the position taken by the church raises a number of hard-to-solve problems, which are conveniently ignored by most for fear of being labelled heretics.&nb

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