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Don Barton

Brave New World

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The Fourth Chair

Every year or so, my two best friends and I get together for a long weekend of “just the guys.” We live in different states so it is a challenge to coordinate our schedules, family responsibilities and jobs to make it happen.  More than once we’ve had to cancel due to last minute issues that crept up.  Our gatherings so far have taken us to Washington State, Utah, and Colorado.

Where Have All the Campmeetings Gone?

Campmeeting is a unique experience for most Adventists.  And while many may have never actually attended a “real campmeeting,” it is something almost all Adventists can identify with.

Yet in the last decade or so, I’ve seen traditional campmeetings slowly starting to disappear.  In the Rocky Mountain Conference the big “Western Slope Campmeeting” has ceased to exist primarily due to financial reasons - a trend, unfortunately , that is not likely to turn around anytime soon. 

Observations on Adventist Elementary Education

In certain areas of the country, Adventist elementary education is being threatened in a way that jeopardizes its short and long term survival.  There has been a trend over the last 40 years from making the attendance at an Adventist school an act of unquestioning commitment regardless of the sacrifices, to one now that is now seen by many as an option.  While Adventist communities that support an elementary school vary greatly in size, neither small nor large communities are immune from this trend.

Embracing ministry outside Adventism - Part 2

Pastor J. Mark Martin tells Don Barton why he left the Adventist church to start his own ministry.

This is the second installment in a two-part series that looks at former Adventists who have not just left the church, but have embraced ministries in other denominations.  I wouldn’t have written this article if it weren’t for the fact that I knew these individuals personally, as we all studied theology together at PUC in the late 1970s.  I decided to find out why, and how, they could make such a major life change and asked to interview them. 

Embracing ministry outside Adventism

Former Adventist theology major Burton Villaverde talks to Don Barton about his work in a dynamic ministry outside Adventism.

With the advent of social media staying in touch with friends and acquaintances, both past and present, has become as easy as clicking a mouse. 

A Short History of Healthcare

Screen shot 2010-03-09 at 7.00.27 PM.png

In the beginning, before the modern age, when man hurt himself from injury or acquired a disease there was no one to help him. So he cried out for healing, and someone responded, and studied how they might help man and cure him from his disease.

The Secularization of Adventist Higher Education in North America


Much has been said recently regarding the future of Adventist higher education in North America, and there have been various blogs that have addressed this issues before. The Spring 2009 issue of Spectrum magazine perhaps gave us the best summary up to date of not just the problems, but the various solutions being looked at.

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