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Dale Galusha

End-Time Events and the Last Generation: An Interview with Dr. George Knight

Dr. George Knight, well-known historian, theologian, educator, speaker, and writer has recently released End-Time Events and the Last Generation: The Explosive 1950s. This is the 93rd book either written or edited by Dr. Knight—(48 authored, 45 edited)! His books have made their way into just about every country of the world.

God's Character and the Last Generation: An Interview with Dr. Jiří Moskala

As Seventh-day Adventists, our preaching, teaching, and our lives reflect our hope, belief, and anticipation of the soon return of Christ. As we consider the great controversy theme, we realize that God has called us to a special relationship with Him. We recognize that the 1950s were a watershed moment for our church. The ensuing discussions and sometimes controversies that have come from that period reflect a deep desire to understand the role of God’s people in the last generation before Christ’s return. Sometimes those discussions have led to extreme positions.

Longing for God: An Interview with Dr. Frank Hasel

At the General Conference Annual Council meeting in October 2016, several people told me that Nancy Wilson, wife of Elder Ted Wilson, needed to talk with me right away. Later that day, we met in the foyer of the General Conference building, and she excitedly told me about a book that needed to be translated from German to English. She told me that it would be a powerful book in English.

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