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Charles Scriven

Do They Want to Change the Church? The One Project: Day Two

If the spirit of the One Project feels like the dawn, can you stop it? After yesterday, some people will likely wish they could, and some will thank God for new hope.

Is Jesus the Fundamental Belief? A Report from San Diego

Is Jesus all? Is Jesus the focus, the center, the foundation? Is Jesus the fundamental belief among all the others, the single criterion of every conviction the church holds dear?

Reading and Misreading the Bible

Official instincts about prop­er Bible reading continue to be partly right yet crucially wrong. One problem is that, for lack of willingness to converse—to speak and to listen, we continue to talk past one an­other. This lack baffles me. It hurts everyone and everything, not least discipleship itself.

Integrity in Scriptural Interpretation: An Interview with Edward W. H. Vick

Within Adventism, no topic matters more than the one Edward W. H.

Will Loyalty Oaths for Religion Teachers Bite the Dust?

A much-maligned General Conference “endorsement initiative” concerning religion teachers at Adventist colleges and universities—it would, in effect, require a signed loyalty oath from each teacher—has motivated the North American Division leaders and educators to circulate a draft alternative proposal. That proposal has been presented to the International Board of Ministerial Training and Education (IBMTE) for approval.

A Betrayal of Adventism

In the following, Charles Scriven and Daryll Ward reflect on a General-Conference-sponsored initiative to radically restrict freedom of conversation among Adventist teachers of religion. They offer these reflections out of a desire to speak the truth in reliance on Jesus’ promise that the truth liberates us from sin. Scriven has taught theology and served as an Adventist college president. Ward is currently professor of religion at Kettering College in Ohio.

Free Will or Determinism?

Does physical law entail that humans are no more in charge of themselves than machines? Are we self-deceived if we imagine that our choices make a difference?

Is the IBMTE Harmless?

A week before publication, the two unnamed persons who are the subjects of this account received a copy of what appears below. —Charles Scriven 

I can’t put a pretty face on this story. Except as human hearts bend toward contrition, there will be no happy ending.

Perspective: A Pocket Guide to the Christian Use of Power

 A Pocket Guide to the Christian Use of Power

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