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La conmoción de las potencias del cielo: un eclipse solar total y la escatología adventista

En el 21 de agosto de 2017, un eclipse solar total envolverá a la mayor parte de los EE.UU. y partes de Canadá y México en oscuridad parcial, mientras que una franja estrecha de 70 millas de Oregon a Carolina del Sur experimentará "totalidad" durante aproximadamente 2,5 minutos.   

Un eclipse de esta magnitud visitó por última vez los EEUU en 1918; sin desplazamiento a las zonas afectadas, uno oscurecerá su puerta cada 380 años.   

Shaking the Powers of Heaven: A Total Solar Eclipse and Adventist Eschatology

On Aug 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will envelop most of the United States and parts of Canada and Mexico in partial darkness, while a narrow, 70-mile strip from Oregon to South Carolina will experience “totality” for approximately 2.5 minutes.

An eclipse similar to this magnitude last visited the U.S. in 1918; without commuting to the affected areas, one will darken your door every 380 years.

Nueva "Profetisa" adventista afirma recibir sueños y visiones de Dios

El mes de junio de 2017 vio el surgimiento de una nueva "profetisa" adventista. Daisy Escalante, fundadora de un ministerio independiente de salud en Puerto Rico, afirma haber recibido sueños y visiones de Dios para la Iglesia Adventista. Estos mensajes aparentemente han sido recibidos al menos desde abril de 2017, pero sólo recientemente han comenzado a circular por Internet.

New Adventist “Prophetess” Claims Dreams and Visions from God

The month of June 2017 saw the rise of a new Adventist “prophetess.” Daisy Escalante, the founder of an independent health ministry in Puerto Rico, claims to have been receiving dreams or visions from God for the Adventist Church. These messages have apparently been received since at least April 2017 but have only recently started circulating on the Internet.

Adventist Faith at the Center of Trump's Immigration Battle

“‘[N]ational defense’ cannot be deemed an end in itself, justifying any exercise of legislative power designed to promote such a goal. . . . It would indeed be ironic if, in the name of national defense, we would sanction the subversion of one of those liberties . . . which makes the defense of the Nation worthwhile.”

Disappointed by Scripture: October 22, 1844 and the Limits of Biblical Hermeneutics

Every year on October 22nd, Adventists recall th

Perspective: 1844 - Pillar of Faith or Mortal Wound?

October 22, 2015 is the 171st anniversary of the Great Disappointment of 1844.

Similarly to the proto-Adventists of New England on that cold, gloomy day 171 years ago, those modern-day Adventists that actually remember the events of that day are too filled with a mix of hope and sadness: sadness for the delay and hope that the coming of Christ will materialize some day soon. 

Viewpoint: Antichrist Fever - The Pope in the US

Adventists all over the world are watching with interest the events unfolding this week in Washington D.C. as Pope Francis is visiting the United States and speaking to Congress. In preparation for this event, independent ministries have mailed out thousands of unsolicited Great Controversy paperbacks to mailboxes in Philadelphia.

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