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Alita Byrd

Study Compares Attitudes Toward Women's Ordination and Women in Leadership

Loma Linda doctoral graduate Heather Knutson surveyed church members on how they feel about the ordination of women and found a correlation with how they feel about women in leadership roles in healthcare institutions. She would like to broaden the survey and collect data from church members around the world. 

Researcher Interviews Centenarians to Uncover Secrets for Living Longer

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Rhonda Spencer-Hwang has learned some surprising things from 100-year-olds about resilience factors that have helped them live longer and fuller lives, despite difficult childhoods.

Adventist-Owned Juice Bar Opening Soon in Utah

Pastor Ryan Hablitzel is gearing up to open Press Together, owned by the Nevada-Utah Conference, as a ministry offering raw organic cold-pressed  juice — and community. 

Andrews Grad Describes Discovering New Bird Species

Andre Moncrieff, who graduated from Andrews University in 2014 and is now a PhD student at Louisiana State University, was part of a team that discovered and named the Cordillera Azul Antbird in Peru. "Getting up while it’s still dark and hearing a dawn bird chorus in pristine Amazonian rainforest is something I wish more people could experience," he says.

Expression Through Living Art

Artist Kiyomi Fukui is the daughter of a Japanese Adventist pastor, graduate of La Sierra University, and a resident of Long Beach, California.

“Lessons from Mayo Clinic” Author Talks About the Book’s Legacy

Kent Seltman, retired director of marketing for the Mayo Clinic and co-author of the business classic Management Lessons from Mayo Clinic, travels around the world lecturing and consulting. The book, now in its 43rd printing in China, has been embraced by the Chinese ministry of health and is helping Chinese hospitals to become more patient-focused.

“I Would Be Bored at Home”

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Helen Margaret Hall is an Australian teacher who first went to teach in Thailand for one year as part of the Adventist Volunteer Services in 1982. She is now 80 years old and is still there — the longest-serving and oldest active AVS missionary.

Question: What took you to Thailand originally?

Forging Connections in Crisis: A Hospital Chaplain Confides About Her Calling

Portia Saint-Jacques is the newest chaplain serving at Loma Linda University Health in Loma Linda, California. Here she talks about what it is like to work in a hospital setting, when she felt God’s calling, and why she remains an Adventist despite her disappointment in the San Antonio vote.

Two Nashville Pastors Bring Black and White Together

Pastor Furman Fordham and Pastor Ken Wetmore are two of more than a dozen Adventist pastors who have opened up a new dialogue between white and black Adventist churches. It began with the pastors, then moved to their church members, and finally reached out into their community of Nashville.

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