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Alita Byrd

Creating Better Faith-Based Children's Stories

A new children’s book aims to introduce kids to a variety of people from different faiths, cultures, and time periods. Author and publisher Daneen Akers says she wants “a book about faith heroes my children can grow up to be inspired by” and believes other parents might also be on the lookout for content less conservative than most of the material out there.

Southern Alum Creates Dream Magazine

Editor Emily Long dreamed of creating an Adventist youth culture magazine when she was a teen, 17 years ago. Now she is publishing 71.5, a platform for Adventist young people to talk to each other and choose the conversation, without any preaching by the older folks.

Question: You are the editor of 71.5, an Adventist "youth culture" magazine. Where does the name come from?

New Book Tells About Desmond Doss's Early Years

Hacksaw Ridge co-producer Steve Longi is publishing a book that tells the story of what happened to Desmond Doss before he got to that ridge. From history buffs who want to dig deeper to young people who might not have been able to watch an R-rated movie, this short book offers Doss's story to an even wider audience.

Adventist Postgrad Creates Entrepreneur Network

Joanne Louis, who is studying toward a Master's at Georgetown, and who already has a background in finance, is building an online network of Adventist entrepreneurs to support and promote each other's businesses. Her Instagram page has 3,000 followers, and she plans to launch a series of online courses soon.

11-Year-Old Doodle 4 Google Finalist Describes His Picture

"Lessons from Ants" by homeschooler Nathanael Botes has been chosen as the winner from Montana, and is now in the running to be national winner and appear on Google's homepage.

Roundabout Path to Ministry for One Colorado Pastor

Lee Lee Dart never aspired to pastoral ministry. But after raising her kids, taking a trip to Rwanda and then earning a local seminary degree, this stay-at-home mom is now the pastor of one of Colorado's largest churches, inspiring her congregation and community with her commitment to her calling.

Postum Making a Comeback

Postum, once a popular coffee substitute in many Adventist homes, was discontinued more than a decade ago.

Study Compares Attitudes Toward Women's Ordination and Women in Leadership

Loma Linda doctoral graduate Heather Knutson surveyed church members on how they feel about the ordination of women and found a correlation with how they feel about women in leadership roles in healthcare institutions. She would like to broaden the survey and collect data from church members around the world. 

Researcher Interviews Centenarians to Uncover Secrets for Living Longer

Listen to this story:

Rhonda Spencer-Hwang has learned some surprising things from 100-year-olds about resilience factors that have helped them live longer and fuller lives, despite difficult childhoods.

Adventist-Owned Juice Bar Opening Soon in Utah

Pastor Ryan Hablitzel is gearing up to open Press Together, owned by the Nevada-Utah Conference, as a ministry offering raw organic cold-pressed  juice — and community. 

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