Youssry Guirguis

  • 11/21/2018

    This week’s lesson focuses on the visible unity of the church that is seen in the lives of the Christians and the mission of the church.

  • 10/12/2018

    The Old Testament (OT) prophets repeatedly called upon literal Israel and the role it plays, as God’s chosen people to obey Him.

  • 06/28/2018

    The name Seventh-day Adventist is pregnant with meaning for those who are faithful to God and are loyal to Him. The name points to the truth it bears: the words Seventh-day refers to the Sabbath...

  • 05/17/2018

    In Chapters 24 and 25 of Matthew, Christ Jesus reveals vital truth regarding the end time and how one needs to prepare to meet these events. These two chapters deal with Christ’s teachings...