Sigve K. Tonstad

  • 05/27/2019

    I came to Chelmno on April 11, as planned. I saw the killing site. I walked around in the woods at the site of the mass graves about five kilometers away. It is a quiet, wooded area, but the...

  • 03/28/2019

    When we get to the end of Revelation, there should be music. There should be loud exclamations, too, with audience participation and interaction. Heaven shouts to earth in this book, and earth...

  • 03/27/2019

    Perhaps we can make a deal not to let these texts down by reading them in a flaccid, ho-hum way. They need many voices, loud voices, voices practiced in expressing need, hope, and relief.

  • 03/23/2019

    When I ask whether our interest in history compromises theology, I have two pitfalls in mind. With respect to the evil depicted in Revelation, there is a tendency to make an alleged instrument of...