Rich Hannon

  • 06/29/2016

    evil [ē-vəl] (n., adj., adv.): 1.       morally wrong or bad;  wicked. 2.       harm due to actual or imputed bad conduct or character. 3.       anything causing injury, harm, misfortune or...

  • 03/30/2016

    One of the most insightful stories from antiquity is found in Plato’s “The Apology” (20c-24e). Here Socrates, at his trial, gives an account of how he developed a reputation for wisdom. It began,...

  • 12/15/2015

    President Ted Wilson, in his inaugural sermon in Atlanta/2010, said the following:

  • 07/29/2015

    In the aftermath of San Antonio’s Women’s Ordination (WO) “No vote” there has been, unsurprisingly, considerable reaction. Emotion, speculation, criticism, defense—words have spilled out in...


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