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Rich Hannon

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  • debate

    Apologetics is the legitimate religious discipline of defending doctrines through systematic argumentation and discourse. But there are risks. Most crucially, the apologist can assume that which...

  • Sisyphus

    The “Sisyphean” world we inhabit involves repeated, practical, ethical choices. The Bible has material that speaks to these situations, but also more esoteric information (like eschatology),...

  • 04/01/2019

    Spectrum has uncovered multiple technology projects underway in Silver Spring, including the Virtual Pastor Project, Virtual Reality Evangelism, the Orthodoxy Detector, and more. Read on to find...

  • Origin of Species

    Through the years church leaders and theologians have made many arguments against the Theory of Evolution and, I contend, many of them are unworthy. This essay will examine some of them to explain...