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Marye Trim

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  • 05/29/2020

    ‘Search,’ He said. Out in the brine, / pilgrim sailor am I, hearing rustle of rigging.

  • 05/22/2020

    Just a hummingbird, aflutter by flowers / in an ordinary neighborhood, yet / though no bird of paradise, / I shall soar by the Spirit to Paradise / someday, singing ‘Hallelujah.’

  • 05/08/2020

    I asked a friend in wonder, “Will there be / any cats in Heaven?” My friend replied / with confidence, surprised, “Oh yes indeed, / of course, lots of cats in Heaven!”

  • 04/24/2020

    There is a tide that flows through every life; / initially the steady, surging swell delivering / a new-born soul, the image of Omnipotence, / as sun and moon and planets all aglow rejoice.