Marye Trim

  • 09/25/2020

    A lilac bush outside my window / told me as a child if spring / was on its greening way.

  • 09/11/2020

    Sometimes a meal of scrambled tofu / makes a sun-kissed breakfast: / a touch of turmeric, pinch of paprika, / a stir of salt and soy all mixed with mustard. / Ahh, mmm! World, here I come, omega...

  • 08/07/2020

    A friend of mine does jigsaw puzzles / of a thousand pieces; fits shapes together / to make an alpine scene: blue sky / and icy peaks that almost come alive / with falling snow.

  • 07/24/2020

    I watched a pelican fish today. / He waited, watched, dived / and searched, then stretched / his reptilian neck, gulped, / swallowed, several times / before swimming away, feet / pedalling...