Marye Trim

  • 08/10/2021

    Special times and places link themselves together / within my memory like a string of precious pearls. / Why so? Why this or that and not another? / Yet they persist and wear the passing years....

  • 06/27/2021

    My brother had a sweater he liked to wear. He wore it every day and everywhere until it shrunk and hardened in the suds of life, but then he gained another, new for old

  • Silhouette of a person standing holding a torch.

    I believe. Easy to say, harder to practise / unless there is a fire ablaze within, a passion / to follow on a route of faith with resolution.

  • 05/07/2021

    Fluttering wings and beak with dew-kissed leaf — / an awesome sight when God remembered Noah. / On desert sand in shade of juniper, depressed Elijah / saw a special food delivery by ravens.