Jon Davidson

  • 02/23/2021

    Could it be that we have made truth in our image? That the second we think we know the truth is the second we stop looking for it, and instead start fighting for it?

  • A tiny frog sitting on a a person's finger

    On the daily, I grew more and more attached to this tiny frog. It goes without saying that this year has been one of hurt and suffering for so many, and all of my hopes of any good remaining in...

  • 06/29/2020

    I pray that your heart, and my heart, are broken by what breaks God’s heart, and that out of this brokenness comes the resolve to bring about lasting change.

  • 03/11/2020

    What are you worth? Do you ask yourself this question? Do you fear the answer? Has something, or someone, left you feeling intrinsically less valuable than you, deep down, hope that you are?