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Jason Hines

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  • Bible

    As Christians, it is important for us to find a sense of balance. We can’t be too salty, but we also have to avoid not being salty enough. We must shine our light, but not too much. I fear that we...

  • Thumbs up, down

    Criticism is important. You could argue that our church was founded on good and well-meaning criticism. Some have said that we shouldn’t air the church’s dirty laundry, but people outside the...

  • 02/28/2019

    Several elements of yesterday's Michael Cohen hearing raise the specter of White privilege: 1) the presentation of a silent Black woman as a defense against racism; 2) the use of friends and...

  • gift

    If the gift has already been given, then it is available to anyone who is willing to believe and there is nothing to do in order to receive the gift. What great news!