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Jason Hines

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  • 10/24/2019

    My wish and prayer for my nation and my church is that we can finally create a community based on freedom and love, whether provided by a government or God.

  • rain

    As Christians we live in terrible and yet oddly comforting tension. We have this strong faith that says God loves us, cares for us, and can miraculously intercede on our behalf. What makes this...

  • 08/29/2019

    With the recently proposed order regarding religious liberty released by the White House about two weeks ago, this administration shamelessly offers up the LGBTQ community to discrimination in...

  • 07/25/2019

    If we are really interested in healing the wounds of racism in this country and in our church, we can no longer be silent about it. We must be willing to have difficult conversations, make...