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Jason Hines

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  • 02/25/2021

    Why is religious freedom important? It is not only important from a political perspective and the difficulties of having a free pluralistic society, it is just as important from a spiritual...

  • 01/28/2021

    In order for real peace or unity to occur, those who found themselves on the wrong side must accept responsibility for the division and help find a pathway to peace.

  • 12/24/2020

    Jesus came down in the form of a man, born of a woman, to save us from our sins. How often do we think about all that Christ gave up to accomplish that task?

  • 11/26/2020

    Thanksgiving is easily my favorite holiday of the year. In times past, I would devote this space on this day to a message of thankfulness. In these days it’s difficult to hold to that. Even so, I...