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Jason Hines

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  • 09/23/2021

    "If we cannot find the spirit of sacrifice in the middle of the deadliest pandemic in several generations—then we have to at least begin to ask ourselves whether we truly understand the teacher we...

  • 08/26/2021

    Christians have often been taught to believe and never doubt. But faith is not the absence of doubt. However, if we allow those doubts to cause us to waver, it can be an issue. But if our doubts...

  • 07/22/2021

    Throughout the ages theologians have hypothesized about the best way to interpret parables. We have come to realize that they have multiple layers of meaning and can be viewed from many different...

  • 06/24/2021

    Unless God has come to any one of us specifically and told us that we must inject ourselves into someone else’s life and decisions, then I think we all should just mind our own business.