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Jason Hines

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  • 12/23/2021

    Two years of the pandemic might have us all feeling a bit like George Bailey in "It's a Wonderful Life." But I also hope in this Christmas season that you can see how your life touches so many...

  • 11/25/2021

    Dr. Burnett Robinson’s words are emblematic of a mode of thinking that must change if the church is to be more of what Christ intended. 

  • 10/28/2021

    If it is true that there is more to learn, then we must be willing to approach our study of the Word from a posture that we might be wrong about something.

  • 09/23/2021

    "If we cannot find the spirit of sacrifice in the middle of the deadliest pandemic in several generations—then we have to at least begin to ask ourselves whether we truly understand the teacher we...