Courtney Ray

  • 05/07/2020

    Being a self assured man comes off as confident. Being a self assured woman is arrogant. So speaking up and making herself known can potentially sound cocky. With this dichotomy, it seems like a...

  • 04/02/2020

    Being in a physical group is not a display of Christianity. If we love our neighbors, we want what’s best for them. We put their welfare above our selfish desire to be “seen.” That’s love. That’s...

  • isolation

    Isolation does not equal purity. There is no virtue in being out of touch. It actually is counterproductive in our desire to better the world.

  • 02/06/2020

    If we are to pat ourselves on the back for our diversity, it must be matched by a willingness to be inclusive as well. It goes beyond having a Black face in a certain space, but also being willing...



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