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Courtney Ray

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  • 02/07/2019

    Women have been taught that their sexuality is defined by their relationship to men. Instead, we should reprioritize and advance healthy ideas about sex for both men and women. By definition that...

  • communion

    Christ left disciples, not departments. And it is possible to neglect the organic elements of community in favor of a hollow facsimile of communion by policy edict. So just how do we reinstitute a...

  • missionary

    Whether the mission field is in India or Manhattan, there is a real temptation to proselytize because of self-love. How will it make me feel? How much of an impact can I make? If that is the...

  • split rock

    The continual painting of “the Global South” as the enemy of progress is harmful on several levels. And the descriptions of these regions as willing to sell their integrity and votes for material...