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Courtney Ray

  • 04/02/2020

    Being in a physical group is not a display of Christianity. If we love our neighbors, we want what’s best for them. We put their welfare above our selfish desire to be “seen.” That’s love. That’s...

  • isolation

    Isolation does not equal purity. There is no virtue in being out of touch. It actually is counterproductive in our desire to better the world.

  • 02/06/2020

    If we are to pat ourselves on the back for our diversity, it must be matched by a willingness to be inclusive as well. It goes beyond having a Black face in a certain space, but also being willing...

  • 01/02/2020

    When we find ourselves tempted to dismiss someone as “liberal” or “conservative” or “sinner” or “unfaithful”, let’s slow down enough to recall that they are more than the ideas they hold.